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Rui Wang

Associate Professor & Ph.D. Advisor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Email: wangrui12 (as you know) sjtu.edu.cn


I am a computational linguist working at Shanghai Jiao Tong University since 2021. Previously, I worked at the Japanese National Institute of Information and Communications Technology from 2016 to 2020. I was a joint Ph.D. student at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the French National Centre for Scientific Research from 2012 to 2016.

Language intelligence is a form of intelligence in which humans (and machines) learn about the outside world by reading natural language, producing highly abstract linguistic thinking; and then understanding, improving, and creating about the outside world. We aim to explore and extend the boundaries of language intelligence in the following areas:
1. The mechanism and application of LLM.
2. Language Intelligence for Science: primarily linguistic, psychology, cognitive science, etc.
3. Machine Translation: I worked on it for over ten years and will never give it up.

Language Intelligence and Computational Linguistic Lab (MT Lab)

I am always fortunate to work with these brilliant young researchers. (Previously Machine Translation Lab from 2017-2022)


Ph.D. Students:

Qingyuan Tian (2024-)
Yang Han (2023-)
Yiming Wang (2023-)
Xingyu Chen (2022-)
Zhiwei He (2021-)

Master Students:

2023-: Ziyin Zhang, Xiaofeng Wang, Lizhen Xu, Sheng Li
2022-: Hongkun Hao, Yiming Ai, Tianxiang Hu, Wenhong Zhu, Tian Xia
2021-2024: Ruize Gao (-->Alibaba DAMO Academy)

Undergraduate Students:

2023: Ziyin Zhang and Xiaofeng Wang (-->Master Student, SJTU)
2022: Yushen Chen, Hongkun Hao, Yiming Ai, and Tianxiang Hu (-->Master Student, SJTU)
2021: Xiaoyi Bao (-->Microsoft), Ruiyi Wang (-->Master Student, LTI, CMU)



Zhuosheng Zhang (Matser Student, SJTU, 2019-2020)
Haipeng Sun (Ph.D. Student, HIT, 2018-2020)
Zhisong Zhang (Matser Student, SJTU, 2017-2018)
Kehai Chen (Ph.D. Student, HIT, 2017-2018)

Academic Services

Program Chair: MT Summit 2023 (Research Track)
Senior Area Chairs: ACL-2024
Area Chairs: ICML (2023-), NeurIPS (2022-), ICLR (2021-), EMNLP (2022), NAACL (2021), CoNLL (2021-2022), CCL (2018-2019)
Associate Editor: ACL Rolling Review (2024-), IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems (2022-2024)
Standing Reviewers: CL (2020-) and TACL (2020-)

Shared Tasks

WMT-2023: 1st places in Word-Level AutoCompletion[Paper]
WMT-2022: 1st places in Livonian<->English[Paper]
IWSLT-2022: 1st in the Simultaneous Speech Translation task [Results][Paper]
WMT-2020: 1st in three tasks (English->Chinese, Polish->English, and German-Upper Sorbian) [Results][Paper]
CoNLL-2019: 1st in the DM sub-task and the 2nd overall [Results][Paper]
WMT-2019: 1st in the only unsupervised MT task (German-Czech) [Results] [Paper]
WAT-2018: 1st places in Myanmar (Burmese) <- English [Results][Paper]
WMT-2018: 1st places in four tasks (English<->Estonian and English<->Finnish) [Results][Paper]



CS3966: Natural Language Processing and Large Language Model, 2024-
CS3602: Natural Language Processing, 2021-
CS438: Information Extraction, 2021-2023
CS247: Data Mining, 2021-2022


Advances and Challenges in Unsupervised Neural Machine Translation.
    Rui Wang and Hai Zhao
    16th conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL-Tutorial), 2021
Syntax in End-to-End Natural Language Processing
    Hai Zhao, Rui Wang, and Kehai Chen
    The 2021 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP-Tutorial), 2021
Domain Adaptation for Neural Machine Translation
    Chenhui Chu and Rui Wang
    The 16th China Conference on Machine Translation (CCMT-Tutorial), 2019
    --You also refer to our survey paper in [COLING-2018]

Recent Publication [Google Scholar] [Full Publication]

Note: If you have a technical question about a research paper, it is best to try to get in contact with all of the authors, so the most appropriate person can respond as quickly as possible.


Improving Open-Ended Text Generation via Adaptive Decoding
    Wenhong Zhu, Hongkun Hao, Zhiwei He, Yiming Ai, Yang Yang, Rui Wang
Measuring Bargaining Abilities of LLMs: A Benchmark and A Buyer-Enhancement Method
    Tian Xia, Zhiwei He, Tong Ren, Yibo Miao, Zhuosheng Zhang, Yang Yang, Rui Wang
Can Watermarks Survive Translation? On the Cross-lingual Consistency of Text Watermark for Large Language Models
    Zhiwei He, Binglin Zhou, Hongkun Hao, Aiwei Liu, Xing Wang, Zhaopeng Tu, Zhuosheng Zhang, Rui Wang
Is Cognition and Action Consistent or Not: Investigating Large Language Model's Personality
    Yiming Ai, Zhiwei He, Ziyin Zhang, Wenhong Zhu, Hongkun Hao, Kai Yu, Lingjun Chen, Rui Wang
Boosting Large Language Model for Speech Synthesis: An Empirical Study
    Hongkun Hao, Long Zhou, Shujie Liu, Jinyu Li, Shujie Hu, Rui Wang, Furu Wei
MELA: Multilingual Evaluation of Linguistic Acceptability
    Ziyin Zhang, Yikang Liu, Weifang Huang, Junyu Mao, Rui Wang, Hai Hu
A Survey on Language Models for Code
    Ziyin Zhang, Chaoyu Chen, Bingchang Liu, Cong Liao, Zi Gong, Hang Yu, Jianguo Li, and Rui Wang
Igniting Language Intelligence: The Hitchhiker's Guide From Chain-of-Thought Reasoning to Language Agents
    Zhuosheng Zhang, Yao Yao, Aston Zhang, Xiangru Tang, Xinbei Ma, Zhiwei He, Yiming Wang, Mark Gerstein, Rui Wang, Gongshen Liu, Hai Zhao
Meta-Reasoning: Semantics-Symbol Deconstruction For Large Language Models
    Yiming Wang, Zhuosheng Zhang, and Rui Wang
Revisiting Acceptability Judgements: CoLAC - Corpus of Linguistic Acceptability in Chinese
    Hai Hu, Ziyin Zhang, Weifang Huang, Jackie Yan-Ki Lai, Aini Li, Yina Patterson, Jiahui Huang, Peng Zhang, Chien-Jer Charles Lin, Rui Wang
    [Data (soon to appear)]
Encouraging Divergent Thinking in Large Language Models through Multi-Agent Debate
    Tian Liang, Zhiwei He, Wenxiang Jiao, Xing Wang, Yan Wang, Rui Wang, Yujiu Yang, Zhaopeng Tu, Shuming Shi


CLEAN-EVAL: Clean Evaluation on Contaminated Large Language Models
     Wenhong Zhu, Hongkun Hao, Zhiwei He, Yunze Song, Yumeng Zhang, Hanxu Hu, Yiran Wei, Rui Wang*, Hongyuan Lu*
    2024 Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL), 2024
Improving Machine Translation with Human Feedback: An Exploration of Quality Estimation as a Reward Model
    Zhiwei He, Xing Wang*, Wenxiang Jiao, Zhuosheng Zhang, Rui Wang*, Shuming Shi, Zhaopeng Tu
    2024 Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL), 2024
Towards Human-Like Machine Comprehension: Few-Shot Relational Learning in Visually-Rich Documents
    Hao Wang, Tang Li, Chenhui Chu, Rui Wang, and Pinpin Zhu
    The 2024 Joint International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-COLING), 2024
Exploring Human-Like Translation Strategy with Large Language Models
    Zhiwei He, Tian Liang, Wenxiang Jiao, Zhuosheng Zhang, Yujiu Yang, Rui Wang*, Zhaopeng Tu*, Shuming Shi, Xing Wang
    Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics (TACL), 2024